08 november 2012

Chocolate Box

Chocolate Box


1 Card Stock
1 scrap paper
1 photo or stamp design
Tip, cut parts, pins, ect.
 Ribbon or Velcro dots


This box is only folded, not glued. This box can look nice without the picture on the front,
so you do not need to stick the image.
Please click on the picture of the template below,
it will be displayed in full size, you can print it out.  

Cut from this template.
Use a bone folder along the dashed lines.

Then make panels with scrap paper.
I cut the strip every 0.5 cm smaller than the box, then glue them on. 

I have not stuck the box together just folded it.
Add Velcro dots or Ribbon to your box to close it and you're done.
A marzipan, a nougat bar or 4 Amicellis fit into it.
If you want to apply an image to the flap, now is the time to do it.
Make sure the flap can still close before you attach image.
My basic card stock piece was 10 x 8 cm.  
Then I stuck on my image,  
so that it stood on my cardstock piece.
See picture above. Then decorate just decorate as you want.

Big hug

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