18 juni 2013

Flowers with Curtain fabric

Flowers with Curtain fabric

Curtain fabric,
Flower center or beads
Circle template,
Hot glue Scissors
possibly a small circle of paper (white)

First, different sized circles are drawn on the fabric. Then cut out the circles.
Then carefully (!) Carry the flame of a lighter along the edge. Here, the fabric rolls a bit. By the contraction of the substance caused the petals. Well, at least 3, set the size of different leaves on each other. Anyone who wants can still put a small paper circle under these leaves. Provide hot glue to the top petal and press the flower center or the pearl. The adhesive runs through all the petals to the paper circle.

If your refinishing this workshop, please link to me. Thank you.
Big hug
Andrea Emmi41


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  1. These are stunning, will have to try this!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Hazel xx


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