15 juli 2013

Flower of Curtain fabric 2

Flower of Curtain fabric 2


Curtain fabric - preferably: Rest - rimmed edge - about 50 cm long
1 punched circle - 1 3/8 or slightly larger
1 large wheel or a large half pearl or a button as flower center
Needle and thread
hot glue

First, you cut yourself either rimmed edge of the closed - on your page or used 3 layers of fabric with a width of about 3 cm - - not sewn length 50 cm, which puts her above the other. Now the open edge is frayed. Contract the edge sewn with needle and thread (always up and down with the needle). Knot the thread ends and glue onto a paper circle with hot glue. Stuck in the middle then a Brad, half-pearl button.

see pictures

 How then can look the finished flower, below I have processed on a notebook.
   Please if your refinishing this workshop, linked here. Thank you.
Have fun. 
Andrea Emmi41

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